Research and development

Salix makes your product of tomorrow today.

A multidisciplinary team that improves everytime

Salix has improved its production and innovation performances over the years, dedicating great attention to research on palatability and bioavailability of presentation of food and pharmaceutical products.
This is thanks to the multidisciplinary preparation of its pharmaceutical and food Research and Development team

Thanks to the Research and Development team and the close collaboration with various universities, Salix is ​​able to develop products by optimizing the release of active ingredients through innovative delivery techniques.

Science at your service

Salix offers its customers various services ranging from formulation to production through differents steps:


Formulation development of food supplements and medical devices with scientific rationale


Study of new production processes

Pilot batches

Implementation of scale-up tests, validation of protocols and industrialization

New protocols

Accelerated stability studies with relative development of new analytical protocols


Production of samples with particular attention to technological, organoleptic characteristics and in particular to the palatability of the product for improving the well-being of the final consumer.

Laboratory analysis

Salix is ​​part of a network that can count on certified analysis laboratories for the verification and determination of the main critical parameters concerning food supplements and organic and functional foods such as:

Determination of active ingredients

Titration of vitamins and minerals

Microbiological analysis according to the Ph.Eur. on raw materials and finished products

Quantification and identification of bacteria in probiotic products

Microbiological analysis in the work environment (air and surfaces) for the research of the main hygiene indicators and / or pathogenic bacteria

Chemical analysis to search for contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins in accordance with current legislation

Identification of food additives

Research of the main allergens