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Salix is specialized in the production of different types of products in solid and liquid form: find out which solution better suits your needs

An industrial plant that adapts to your needs.

Salix relies on an innovative production plant with a total area of ​​7500 square meters, of which 3200 are dedicated to production. It has rooms with controlled temperature, humidity and pressure with continuous monitoring of all parameters, for the production and packaging of food supplements.

Thanks to its modern equipment, Salix meets the specific requests of the pharmaceutical-food sector. Salix raises its production standard in addition to market demands, following specific voluntary certification standards.

All our products

Our company is specialized in the production and packaging of various types of herbal products, food supplements, specific for sports, medical devices and supplements in solid and liquid forms for oral use:

Various types of packaging

In addition to production aspects, our company combines its ability to offer every solution in the field of packaging by creating:


Blisterpacks: different colors and thicknesses , choose the most suitable protection for your product


Envelopes: various sizes and materials , with different colors. Choose how to cover your product


Stick:convenient, ready to use and easy to carry . Choose this solution to improve the compliance of your final customer!


Jars:ideal for powders, with different closures and seals, it can be equipped with a measuring cup.

Pill container

Pillcontainer: various formats and closures , choose the best combination for your product


Tinplate:an ecological choice , it is recyclable, and is ideal for powders


Bottle:in glass, it can be equipped with a spray or dropper of different sizes and functions. Choose the one you prefer, based on your product


Fialoids: a container for a single use , for specific products.