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Città della Speranza Foundation firmly believes in scientific research to overcome pediatric diseases and bring all children to recovery.

Città della Speranza

Since 1994, the Città della Speranza Foundation has set itself the goal of improving the conditions of care and assistance for children with oncohematological diseases, as well as financing scientific research in the pediatric field.

The strength of social commitment

Thanks to the help of companies, associations, private citizens and the strength of volunteering, the Foundation has collaborated in achieving two important goals:

Excellence in
Advanced Diagnostics

The Pediatric Oncohematology Clinic of Padua is the national reference center for the diagnosis of leukemia, lymphomas and sarcomas. That is means that all children, residing in Italy or coming from abroad, are guaranteed a certain diagnosis within 30 hours and the best treatment protocols.

Reference point in
Pediatric Research

The Città della Speranza Pediatric Research Institute (IRP) is one of the largest research centers in Europe entirely focused on identifying new therapeutic approaches for the treatment of pathologies in the pediatric age. IRP currently hosts 32 research groups covering 7 areas of interest: hematology, pediatric oncology & gene and hematopoietic cell therapy.

Concrete and supportive results

The interdisciplinarity that distinguishes IRP is the key ingredient to ensure a greater probability of success in defeating pediatric diseases and thus guarantee a future for all our children.

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current cure rate (30% in 1994)
Countries that have adopted the IRP treatment protocols
The action of Città della Speranza has greatly contributed to raising cure rates, bringing them from around 30% in 1994 to 85% today. The treatment protocols, developed in its laboratories, are adopted in 51 countries around the world.

3% of Salix is ​​for social projects

Salix divides the net profit by donating 1% to the Città della Speranza Foundation, 1% to various projects for the territory and 1% to the Casa Matt India project.